Bring you pet at Tursport Hotel

Pet Policies

Pets are welcome in our Hotel. Before you arrive for your stay you must notice the reception. Our hotel charges €15,00 per room/night and a final fee of €20,00. This includes:

  • Bowl to use in the room
  • Hygienic pads (only 1 on arrival)

We use supplement charges for cleaning costs. In order to guarantee to you and your pet a happy stay please read carefully the following rules:

  • Inside our hotel and outside the room you need to keep the pet on a leash.
  • All pets are not allowed inside the swimming pool area or other sport facilities.
  • It is not possible leave the pets alone in the room for long time in order to avoid annoying animal sounds or any damage
  • In case of any damage, the owner will be responsible
  • For hotel staff safety please inform us when your pet is not with you so we can proceed to clean the room (if this is included)
  • In case your pet is bothering our guests we will invite you to take actions in order to keep it quiet

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