Safety first

Actions against Covid-19

In order to make effective preventive action to combat the spread of the Covid-19, the hotel management is implementing concrete actions using personal protective equipment (PPE) for our staff and the environments around the hotel.

Our reception desk is provided with a transparent acrylic protective screen. Staff with direct contact with guests wear masks and face shields.

Housekeeping staff in addition to using the above PPE, before entering inside the room for cleaning duties, they wear disposable protective suits, caps and shoe covers.

Inside the hotel there are hand sanitiser dispensers (alcohol 70%) available for all guests and we advice them to use it all the time you have contact with handles, doors, or other objects for common use and in any case several times during the day.

All rooms, common areas and dining areas are treated with certified cleaning products against Covid-19. Based on virus survival time, each surface is treated with a specific product. For these cleaning products the hotel management have certifications.

In the areas most at risks such as restaurant and common areas every 24 hours, during the night, we activate our ozone generator for air cleaning. We also pay attention when we wash crockery and cutlery using the following method: 30 minutes in water and sodium hypochlorite (with high concentration). For towels and bed sheets we use products against Covid-19.