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Tursport Hotel Residence - Meetings - Sports and Wellness 

... for your holiday in Puglia - South Italy, the ideal place for a stay in comfort and complete relax.


The Gymnasium

The gym of Tursport Hotel Residence is modern and equipped to provide comprehensive services for the care and training of the body.


A large number of practies and disciplines that can be practiced, indipendently or with the assistance of your instructors for a full itinerary and personalized fitness and wellness. Total body, Aerobics, Step, Body Pump, Gag, Posture exercise.

Total body: a collection of all the disciplines, from step to aerobics, from free-body toning to use of weights and elastic bands to improve general toning and coordination, favoring fat-burning.


Aerobics: the use of simple choreography to improve muscle tone, resistance, and moto coordination.

Like aerobics, but with the help of very light barbells, convenient plastic tool that simulates the step of a stairway. An additional way to improve muscle tone, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and convert fat to energy

Body pump: A new Body-toning discipline that, with the help of very light barbells provide simple and effective exercises set to music for all the muscle group, adding tone, harmony and definition to the muscles

G.a.g: Gluteus, abdominals, legs, the name says it all. This aerobic discipline is focused on working specific areas of the body. It firms, strengthens, and streamline muscles

Postural exercises: Methods to aligning the posture reharmonize overall posturae tone by working on muscles group



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